General Session & Keynote Speakers .


You’ve seen “that pickpocket guy” all over TV on Steve Harvey, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Jimmy Kimmel Live, HBO’s Just for Laughs, on Letterman, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Court TV, and many more. Bob’s had his hand in many strangers’ pockets—stealing wallets, phones, keys, and… you don’t want to know! He’s a professional pickpocket—but not a criminal. Befriending top thieves, he persuades them to spill their secrets, then uses that intelligence to entertain audiences and train security forces. Look, laugh, and learn with Bob Arno, and get ready for The Art of the Steal! Watch video.



For 35 years Richard Flint has traveled the globe speaking to the leadership and to the employees of Fortune 500 companies, business associations, educational communities, and non-profits. Richard has coached, motivated, educated, and mentored thousands on how to deal with and conquer personal and business issues, customer care and leadership, stress, procrastination, economic change, how to achieve goals, and create personal growth, to name a few.



With 33 years of building envelope construction experience, exceeding 300,000,000 sf of roofing responsibility alone on individual and multi-discipline projects ranging in value from $2,000 to $10 million, and overall Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance Division responsibility for Ohio, Indiana and Michigan(Great Lakes Region), David brings an extensive understanding of the issues impacting the high risk area of roofing and building envelope performance. As a senior representative, he works with Owners, Contractors and Design Professionals to build, restore and maintain sustainable building weatherproofing envelopes.



Joseph U. Meyer has had a long career in public service in Kentucky, including Secretary of the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet as well as the Kentucky General Assembly, in both the House and Senate. Mayor Meyer has served as a member of the Covington Board of Education, and for several years, also served as school board attorney for two school districts in Kentucky. In addition, Mayor Meyer served as the city attorney for Bellevue.


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Ken Okel understands the importance of productivity and performance, when it comes to achieving your professional goals. He’s used what he’s learned to succeed in the worlds of broadcast news, hurricane relief, and professional ballet. Along the way, he’s also written the book, Stuck on Yellow, hosts The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast, and has marketed everything from global brands to a three legged kitten. Ken Okel will help you reawaken your inner champion by empowering you with actionable strategies designed to help control distractions, increase focus, and help you become a better leader, whether your style is like a poodle or a pit bull. It’s a mindset makeover designed to build on your strengths. Watch video.



As president and CEO of MeetNKY, Eric Summe leads the effort to make Northern Kentucky a premier meeting/tourist destination for conventions, visitors and groups from all over the world. And it has an impact – visitors to Northern Kentucky spent about $3.3 billion in 2017. Today, he serves on numerous statewide tourism boards, including the KY Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus and the KY Travel Industry Association, where he is the Legislative Committee Chair.



As NKU’s president, Vaidya is responsible for championing the university’s mission and core values, charting an adventurous course and communicating the strategic priorities clearly with internal and external stakeholders. He works closely with the chair and members of the Board of Regents to achieve those priorities and strengthen the university and the community. Vaidya fosters a collegial and collaborative culture that capitalizes on the richness of the NKU community and furthers its commitment to access and inclusive excellence.


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Ruthann Manlet has been employed by the University of Minnesota (UM) for more than 33 years, where she has been involved exclusively in facilities management. Ruthann currently serves as associate director for one of the five geographical areas on the Twin Cities campus. She is responsible for the overall facilities management of 36 buildings containing approximately 3 million square feet, and for managing 112 employees. During her career, Ruthann has held many different positions from trainer to building services director. Over the years, she has utilized her enthusiasm, passion, and leadership and management skills to implement and oversee many initiatives that provide significant benefits to her team members and to UM. 


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